Desaly Gonzalez

Staff Physical Therapist



  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Florida International University, Miami, FL

  • Bachelor of Science, Health and Exercise Science, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC


Desaly is a Miami native who received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Florida International University in 2017. While receiving her Bachelor's degree at Wake Forest University, she sparked her interest for physical therapy during a research study looking at the effects of dance rehab on Parkinson's patients. As a former dancer and current dance teacher, Desaly has integrated her love and knowledge for dance into her everyday work as a therapist. Her itnerests range from the arts to sports and is highly committed in engaging herself into the path of orthopedic rehabilitation and injruy prevention. Desaly is fluent in both English and Spanish. For fun she enjoys teaching young girls the art of dance as well as keeping herself active.