Our comprehensive physical therapy services help you return to your active lifestyle - whatever your activity is - by reducing pain, restoring function, preventing further injury, increasing stability and mobility in the body and educating you about your condition.

With our vast connection to physicians, referring doctors and specialists, our staff takes a team approach to your care in order to develop a rehabilitation treatment protocol individual to you and your specific needs.  We use the latest techniques and sound research to select the modalities and exercises best suited for your rehabilitation and fitness goals.

commonly addressed issues:

  • Orthopaedic Injuries
  • Post-surgical Rehabilitation
  • Balance Re-education
  • Postpartum / Pregnancy Rehabilitation
  • Women's Health Issues
  • Adolescent Rehabilitation
  • Injury Prevention
  • Sport-specific Training

treatments include:

  • Individualized Physical Assessment
  • Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • Kinesthetic Re-education
  • Joint Stabilization Techniques
  • Therapeutic Exercises
  • Functional Activities
  • Therapeutic Modalities
  • Wound Care
  • Scar Management
  • Patient Education
  • Pilates *(offered at Pinecrest PT)